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Wednesday, January 8, 2020

A Massive New Ultrasonic Vinyl Record Cleaner! CleanerVinyl ProXL has been released!

Check out our latest ultrasonic vinyl record cleaner! ProXL has all the awesome features of the recently redesigned Pro, but is much more massive:

ProXL fits on 15 liter ultrasonic cleaners. This results in ample room for the to be cleaned vinyl records. Clean 8 records at a full 1 inch spacing, or 14 at 0.5 inch. This guarantees audiophile-grade cleaning results, even if the records are very dirty. Add the new Micron 15 Liter fluid filtration system and clean many batches in the same fluid:

Go sleeve-to-sleeve in about 35 min and never touch a wet record!
Watch our ProXL video for an introduction:

Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Exciting News: CleanerVinyl now works with Made in Germany Elmasonic Dual-Frequency Ultrasonic Cleaners

Give your vinyl records the state-of-the-art clean they deserve! The Elmasonic P60H dual frequency cleaner is the perfect ultrasonic cleaning engine for the CleanerVinyl Pro system. The P60H can operate at 37 and 80 kHz, which enables a dual frequency clean. Do an initial clean at 37 kHz to remove coarse dirt and dust, and then follow up with a finishing run at 80 kHz, that removes the finest particles from the bottom of the grooves as well as chemical contaminants like pressing release agents or oily residues. Audiophile-quality vinyl record cleaning in one well-designed package! Read more about our collaboration on the Tovatech blog (Tovatech is the official Elmasonic US distributor).
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CleanerVinyl Pro Ultimate Kit mounted to Elmasonic P60H Dual-Frequency ultrasonic cleaner. The P60H can be operated at 37 and 80 kHz, perfect for coarse dirt removal at 37 kHz and precision clean at 80 kHz all the way down into the grooves of vinyl records.

Saturday, November 30, 2019

132 kHz High Frequency Ultrasonic Cleaners Now Available at CleanerVinyl

Exciting news! Our new 132 kHz high-frequency ultrasonic cleaners are now available!
Give your vinyl records a deeper clean at a higher frequency. How does this work? The size of the cavitation bubbles generated by the ultrasonic waves directly depends on the frequency. Higher frequency = shorter wavelength = smaller bubbles. And smaller bubbles can penetrate smaller features, which means they can get deeper down into the grooves of records. 
And this is not the only advantage. Smaller cavitation bubbles also are superior when it comes to removal of chemical contamination, such as release agents left behind after the pressing process.
Check out our new UC-8180L 132 kHz cleaners here.
132 kHz high frequency ultrasonic vinyl record cleaning
132 kHz high frequency ultrasonic cleaner
A great way to integrate a high-frequency cleaner into your vinyl record cleaning recipe is to use it in a dual-frequency cleaning set-up. Since low frequencies are better for the removal of more coarse contamination such as dust and dirt particles, a dual-frequency setup gives you the best of both worlds.
First do a low-frequency pre-clean that removes most of the coarse stuff, and then do a finishing run at 132 kHz to remove all contamination even from the finest features in your grooves.
The CleanerVinyl Pro System has been designed for two-bath recipes, since the Pro motor unit can be placed directly on the rim of a cleaner. Put the Lift-Pro and Micron filtration system on the 132 kHz cleaner, and use a 40 kHz cleaner as the low-frequency pre-clean station:
132 kHz high frequency ultrasonic vinyl record cleaning
Pro Motor Unit on 40 kHz low-frequency cleaner during pre-clean.
Once the low-frequency pre-clean on the 40 kHz unit is done, simply move the motor unit over to the 132 kHz set-up and do the final cleaning step. Then lift the records into the drying position and plug in the fan. That way you can clean up to 12 records within 35-45 min and never touch a wet record.
132 kHz high frequency ultrasonic vinyl record cleaning
Pro motor unit on 132 kHz cleaner in drying position after completion of final high-frequency cleaning step on 132 kHz ultrasonic cleaner.

Wednesday, November 13, 2019

CleanerVinyl Max in Custom Colors!

We recently received an order for five CleanerVinyl Max vinyl record cleaning attachments for 10 liter ultrasonic cleaners. A vinyl record store in Denmark uses them for cleaning their vinyl intake before offering them to their customers in renewed condition. We offered to do custom colors and this is what we were asked to do. Pretty!:
ultrasonic vinyl record cleaning cleanervinyl max

ultrasonic vinyl record cleaning cleanervinyl max

CleanerVinyl Max is our high throughput solution for vinyl record professionals and serious collectors. Clean up to 24 records per batch in a 10 liter ultrasonic cleaner.:
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CleanerVinyl Max (shown with Dry-Max fan and Micron 10 liter filtration system)

Saturday, November 2, 2019

Great Video by J&B Music Studio Showing Their CleanerVinyl Max in Action

Check out this awesome video made by J&B Music in Joliet, Il. They use a CleanerVinyl Max to make sure that their vintage vinyl customers always get a shiny like-new record that plays to its full potential!

Monday, September 16, 2019

Completely Redesigned CleanerVinyl Pro System Released!

Exciting news! We just released our completely redesigned CleanerVinyl Pro System with a nice new look:
These are the updates we made: 
  • Pro System now also fits on Made in Germany Elmasonic P60H dual-frequency ultrasonic cleaners. This great news for anyone interesting in highest quality cleaning performance. The P60H can run at 37 kHz and 80 kHz.
  • The Pro motor unit now has integrated RPM control from ~0.2 RPM to 5 RPM (0.2 = 1 round in 5 min).
  • There is now an integrated adapter for the larger holes of 7" singles.
  • The Pro now comes with spacers for running 3, 6, or 12 records per batch.
  • The Lift-Pro fan unit for accelerated air drying of the records now has 'air guide panels' that reduce the average drying time to only 15-20 min. Go 'sleeve-to-sleeve' in 35 min or less, and never touch a wet record!

Check out our new Pro System video for an introduction:

Combine the Pro with our Micron fluid filtration system for truly audiophile cleaning results!

All Pro System components are available separately, i.e. you can put together a system that fits your needs and your budget and upgrade later.
Or get a complete Pro System Kit and save some money!

Thursday, June 6, 2019

What is the Best Ultrasonic Vinyl Record Cleaner?

You may have found this post while Googling "what is the best ultrasonic vinyl record cleaner?".
Of course our opinion here at CleanerVinyl is that our designs are the best! You would probably expect that...;-). 

We usually do not comment on our competitors, but we would like to take the opportunity to tell you why we think that our products deserve your consideration. When you look at the other products in the marketplace, ask:

  • Are they designed and made in the US? 
  • Are they designed by vinyl records enthusiasts, who understand what is needed for a great cleaning experience? CleanerVinyl was founded by Beolover, a premier provider of vintage Bang&Olufsen restorations. We live and breathe vinyl! Many of our competitors are ultrasonic cleaner manufacturers, who mainly aim to sell more cleaners by providing a vinyl record cleaning attachment.
  • Are they shipping next-day and reach most destinations in the US in 2-4 days (international locations within 5-7 days)?
  • Do they ship free in the US?
  • Do they come with 1 year full warranty and a satisfaction money-back guarantee?
  • Do they have dedicated and fast customer service? We usually answer inquiries same day, even on the weekend! We like discussing all things vinyl...give us a shout at info@cleanervinyl.com!
  • Are their products ultrasonic cleaner independent? (in other words: can one upgrade or replace the cleaner at a later point in time?). For example, higher frequency cleaners are becoming more affordable right now...maybe you would like to get one in a year or so?...
  • Are they ergonomically designed? Cleaning a bunch of records can get old pretty quick if the equipment is not easy to use! With this in mind CleanerVinyl Systems...
    • are designed considering the needs of serious collectors and record stores, i.e. people who want to clean often, or large numbers of records.
    • vertical record loading on CleanerVinyl Easy6
      Convenient vertical record loading.
      Take the motor unit to your records
      (and leave the ultrasonic
      in the garage!..;-)
      allow record loading in a different location than where the ultrasonic cleaner is located. That means the motor units can be removed and taken to your record collection instead of the other way around. Load the records and then safely carry the motor unit to the ultrasonic cleaner, which is usually placed in a location where the noise does not bother.
    • allow record loading in vertical orientation, i.e. the records are simply stacked on the shaft of the motor unit. No balancing on a horizontal shaft or scraping along a slot...
      in ultrasonic cleaner fluid filtration system
      Micron in-tank fluid filtration system.
    • can all be combined with state-of-the-art cleaning fluid filtration. Our Micron System circulates the cleaning fluid in a 6 liter cleaner tub through a 1 micron particle size rated volume filter within 4 min. This means you can clean many batches of records in a single filling of the cleaner before the fluid needs to be replaced. The Micron system also essentially eliminates re-deposition of dirt, i.e. no 'rinse cycle' is necessary. Just run the records and dry them and put them back into their sleeves. Done!
    • have integrated air drying, which typically allows going sleeve-to-sleeve with a batch of records in about 45 min. Never touch a wet record!
      Most of our designs have a singles
      adapter built in on the base of the shaft.
    • can clean 7" singles without the need of inserting adapter clips into the larger center holes of 45s.

Check us out at CleanerVinyl.com!